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United Real Estate Premier is part of the largest fully integrated network of real estate and auction professionals in the nation. The company has been an innovator in real estate marketing since 1925. Our Management team knows the needs of agents in urban and metropolitan markets. We address those needs by providing powerful marketing programs along with technology-based services that are unique to the industry.


Michelle Batitto


Michelle Batitto REALTOR®


Jonathan Dunnells


Jonathan Dunnells Marketing

Jonathan serves as the Marketing & Communications Director at United Real Estate Premier. Born in Jacksonville, Jonathan has spent most of his life in Fredericksburg, VA. From a young age, he had a passion for marketing and was inspired by the most influential leaders in business. He acquired his BSBA in Marketing with a Concentration in Professional Selling from Old Dominion University in 2019. Since then, he has utilized the knowledge and skills that he has obtained to further his growth and development in both personal, and professional aspects of his life.  


He specializes in lead generation, digital advertising, email marketing and creative design. He utilizes programs and tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Meta Business Suite, Google Ads and more to produce high quality content as results. He is a strong believer in the adaptation of new technological developments and is constantly seeking to improve upon the marketing efforts of the organization. 


Steven Batitto

Principal Broker

Steven Batitto Principal Broker

Steven Batitto is a visionary force in real estate, serving as the Principal Broker of United Real Estate Premier. Since obtaining his license in 2011, his distinctive entrepreneurial flair, cultivated since the age of 18, has propelled him to the forefront of real estate leadership. In November 2014, Steven founded United Real Estate Premier, becoming one of the first franchise owners, marking him as a pioneer in shaping the success of the United Real Estate brand. 


What distinguishes Steven as a leader is his unwavering commitment to real estate professionals' success and development. As a non-competing broker, he has fostered a growth-oriented environment at United Real Estate Premier, emphasizing open communication and collaborative problem-solving. Steven's leadership is marked by a strong dedication to agent development, transforming the agency into an innovative hub where real estate professionals surpass their business goals. In the dynamic world of real estate, Steven Batitto stands as a beacon of leadership, inspiring others with his entrepreneurial spirit and focus on agent development.